From Jonathan Simkin - CEO of 604 Records and Comedy Here Often

I want to start this statement by thanking Just For Laughs, Bruce Hills, and SiriusXM for listening to the outpouring of concern from the independent Canadian comedy community, and for doing the right thing. Like everyone in that community, we were disheartened and demoralized to hear about the changes at Canada Laughs, and are ecstatic at the news of this reversal. At the same time, we want to make sure that we are learning the right lessons from what has transpired, so that we can apply those lessons going forward. One thing this experience showed me is just how fragile and vulnerable the infrastructure of independent comedy in Canada is. I do not want to underestimate or undervalue the contribution of Canada Laughs to the comedy scene in Canada. There is a reason people reacted the way they did. Canada Laughs has been both a primary source of income and exposure. But we need to work to create more destinations for comedians to be heard and monetized. We need to learn how to not put all our eggs into anyone basket. To me, this decision is but a reprieve. The comedy community has shown incredible amount of unity in the last week. We need to build on this by building an infrastructure that won’t collapse because of the actions of any one third party entity.

In the spirit of supporting all independent comedy in Canada, and creating alternative destinations for Canadians to enjoy Canadian comedy, we are excited to announce that effective immediately we will be expanding our Comedy Here Often? Youtube channel to include third party content from independent comedians in Canada. We will continue to put out our own exclusive content of course, but we will proudly feature non- Comedy Here Often? content as well. We are open to any sort of reasonable proposals. And we will do this with fair revenue splits. So if you have some content that you are putting on your site and you want some extra support, feel free to send it to us. If you have some ideas for sketch comedy, we are all ears. We will entertain anything from proposals for sketch comedy to proposals for web series. We will even host podcast. And we will support other people’s initiative as well.

We are also proud to announce that we will be introducing Comedy Here Often? podcast series that will be broadcast out of the 604 Studios in Vancouver. We want this to be a combination of entertainment and education. Podcasts will be live streamed then distributed across streaming platforms.

To submit material of proposals for the Comedy Here Often? Youtube channel, please email